Restoring Hope and Creating Educational Solutions In Israel

The Academy is a therapeutic residential rehabilitation program for at-risk teens from all over Israel who struggle with juvenile delinquency, drug and alcohol addiction and homelessness. Located in the remote Jordan Valley village of Gadi, 30 teens participate in a year long program that combines individual and group therapy with physical fitness, agriculture, animal husbandry and education. The goal of the Academy is to empower the teen graduates to maintain their sobriety, return to the normative path of induction into the Israel Defense Forces or National Service, strengthen their Jewish identity and become productive citizens in Israel’s society. For the participants, this is literally the last stop before they fall through the cracks of Israeli society. 

Ground breaking ceremony Jan 2023 

My Brother’s Keeper International is partnering with the Academy to build an air conditioned multi-purpose building that will house counseling rooms, classrooms, ceremonies and Krav Maga training. This project will be the largest space on the campus designed for its versatility and durability in the challenging environment of the Jordan Valley. Once we have all the funds raised the teen participants will come alongside all the trades that are hired to complete the project and help. To date, the concrete foundation and metal frame has already been constructed.