Restoring Hope and Creating Educational Solutions In Israel

Operation Day After



Incoming rocket alerts send children and families into building stairways when no rooms of their home are protected. The trauma is magnified for the children.

What started as incessant rioting on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem has escalated into war. Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists in the Gaza Strip opened the hostilities with the launching of long range rockets on Jerusalem during Israel’s annual Jerusalem Day celebration. Since that first salvo, the terrorists in Gaza have maintained a brutal campaign of unprecedented missile barrages that have sent millions of Israeli civilians into bomb shelters. Civilian injuries and fatalities have been mounting despite Israel’s very effective missile defense system, the Iron Dome and IDF counter strikes against Hamas and Islamic Jihad military targets. 

My Brother’s Keeper International Co-founder and President Dov Gelman has been in touch with our partners along the Gaza Border including several front line kibbutzim and county officials. Everyone is in emergency management mode with IDF ground forces protecting the Gaza border that abetts their communities and agricultural fields. What never makes the western media is the toll this war is taking on families and especially children. What do you say to your child when she is afraid to leave the family’s protected room or bomb shelter to use the bathroom? How do parents calm the fears of a child while trying to manage their own anxiety? 

MBKI’s response is the launch of OPERATION DAY AFTER. We are raising funds to help with the aftermath of this war. Local and county social service officials in tandem with trauma care specialists will need all the help they can get to begin the healing of this traumatic time. We will be issuing grants to local municipalities, partner NGO’s, Gaza border community kindergartens and elementary schools to help subsidize therapeutic treatment, family retreats and camps. 

If there was ever a time to prepare for the day after the hostilities cease it is TODAY.
Please join by donating to Operation Day After.