Restoring Hope and Creating Educational Solutions In Israel

Over the past two years there have been 16 escalations resulting in rocket barrages emanating from the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip. The latest escalation occurred during the weekend of Friday May 3 and ended with a cease fire Monday May 6. Israel’s Foreign Ministry reported 690 rockets launched over the weekend at Israeli civilian population centers. 

Police bomb disposal team remove rocket from Gaza Envelope community
Israeli woman responds after her home sustained a direct rocket hit

The Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted 240 rockets.  In the latest round of violence tragically four people were killed, 141 wounded and 522 buildings were damaged. The situation along the Gaza border remains unstable. Violent riots along the border fence and incendiary balloon attacks continue unabated. Its only a matter of time before the next round of violence


Kibbutz Urim is a pastoral farming community that is no more than 13 miles from the Gaza Border. However, they are outside of the Israeli government’s 4 mile “Gaza Envelope” and therefore not entitled to emergency government assistance to purchase bomb shelters or other security related equipment.

Kibbutz Urim is in range of the more advanced Iranian designed Grad and Fajr-5 rockets

Ilan Issacson, Director of Security for the Eshkol Region/County reported to MBKI that the communities outside of the 4 mile envelope receive more of the rocket barrages than those communities along the Gaza border. 

The barrage is Hamas’ new strategy to overcome Israel’s missile defense system This is reality

Kibbutz Urim is home to a special group of young people who have immigrated to Israel from the US, Canada and Europe with the courageous purpose of volunteering to serve in the Israel Defense Force. These brave young people have no family in Israel and are housed in a compound on the kibbutz. When not deployed in defense of Israel, they call Kibbutz Urim home.

Jewish American and Canadian high school and college graduates are preparing to serve in the IDF

When a Red Alert Siren sounds in the kibbutz, residents have 15 seconds to get to a protected space. On a recent visit to the Kibbutz, MBKI discovered that there were no bomb shelters with a 15 second sprint of the young adult housing compound and their living quarters are not protected against rocket attacks. My Brother’s Keeper International is doing something about this.


In cooperation with Kibbutz Urim and the Eshkol Regional Council/County, MBKI is raising funds for the purchase of  two 7 ton portable bomb shelters for the young adult housing compound.
Each bomb shelter from production to placement cost $17,580 The total cost of the project is $35,161

6 sq meter reinforced concrete bomb shelter can protect up to 15 adults and is designed to withstand Grad and Fajr-5 rockets

Time is of the essence. The next group of young adults arrive in Kibbutz Urim early August 2019 and it takes 35 days for the construction and delivery of the bomb shelters. MBKI’s goal is to have the bomb shelters ordered by July 1, 2019
If you have any questions or would like your donation to be in honor or memory of a loved one please contact