Restoring Hope and Creating Educational Solutions In Israel

MBKI is partnering with the Kiryat Arba/Hebron Municipality and the Alonei Mamre Girls elementary school to develop land behind the school and build a large pergola surrounded by a forest of shade trees, interconnected paths and hands on experiential learning ecological education stations. These stations will include a live fish pond, compost for the school’s student operated greenhouse, wind/solar energy and temperature station, spice and herb garden and a small animal farm to introduce the girls to animal science and husbandry.

The pergola will be utilized as an ecological education classroom and will be dedicated to the memory of 19 year old Sgt. Ron Kokia hy”d who was murdered in the city of Arad November 30, 2017.

Project Name: Healing Forest

Project Steering Team: Dov ben Zion Gelman, President My Brother’s Keeper International, Mrs. Yael Klein, Principal of Alonei Mamre Girl’s Elementary School, Dov Zwerling, Executive Committee Shomri Achienu Y’rushalyim, Avi Shushan, Director of Education Kiryat Arba/Hebron

Proposed Project Budget
Grading and soil preparation for construction: $6,000
Trees and paths: $4,000
20 Meter Pergola: $ 5,200
Educational learning stations: $6,000
Administration of project: $4,000
Estimated total: $25,200
Phase 1& 2 Land preparation, pergola construction and shade tree mini forest

19 year old Sgt. Ron Kokia hy”d Infantryman with the Nahal Brigade. 

Future location of the Healing Forest.  Avi Shushan Director of Education Kiryat Arba and Dov ben Zion President of MBKI

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