Restoring Hope and Creating Educational Solutions In Israel

(In memory of Shlomit Krigman hy”d)

For the past five years MBKI has joined the fight against childhood illiteracy in Israel by partnering with under funded, inner-city and rural kindergartens and elementary schools. We have spearheaded the transformation of unused spaces into warm and intimate reading corners and libraries in the villages of Beit Horon, Shedmot Mechola, Kedem Arava and the city of Sderot. We are now focusing our efforts on the largest school library remodeling project since our founding in 2005. We are partnering with the Keshet Talpaz elementary school in the Armon HaNatziv neighborhood of Jerusalem. This school is one of the cutting edge inner-city elementary schools in the municipality. Their principal Ruchama Tamir is passionate about “returning the children to reading books” and empowering parents to prioritize family reading time.

We are excited to transform their antiquated library into a warm, inviting and intimate space that will become a center for creativity and expression. All of our library projects are dedicated to the blessed memory of Shlomit Krigman hy”d

Cost: $32,000