Restoring Hope and Creating Educational Solutions In Israel

Since March 30, 2018, the Hamas regime has launched a new terror war against Israel in the guise of “peaceful” protests along Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip.  Each week thousands of Gazans have encroached on the border fence separating Israel’s agricultural communities with the Gaza strip. In every protest, Hamas terrorists have attempted to infiltrate Israel, plant improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and engage IDF troops with small arms and sniper fire. Several rounds of fighting have in sued after Hamas launched rocket and mortar barrages at the Israeli civilian communities along the strip.
Hamas activities quickly adapted their methods to include the launching of incendiary kites and balloons that have scorched over 7,500 acres of agricultural fields and nature reserves. Firefighter teams from all over the country have descended on the south to fight fires daily.
After an incendiary balloon set this glade ablaze.
OPERATION SOUTHERN SOLIDARITY has been designed to meet the following objectives that provide relief for the municipal, county and civilian first responders and practical aid to the City of Sderot and border community children and youth services.
1. We will deliver Basic Life Saving (BSL) Mobile Trauma Kits to civilian medical first responders working in several Gaza Strip border communities.  Each Mobile Trauma Kit cost $800.
2. We will provide financial grants to Gaza border communities for children and teen activities in the protected areas and bomb shelters. Activities to include games, toys and funds to help cover potential evacuation.
3. Practical support for the City of Sderot’s fire department and other municipal and county emergency services.
Any individual, business, synagogue, church or civic group that would like to sponsor a Mobile Trauma Kit will have the opportunity to have their name placed on the kit to demonstrate your solidarity with the people of Israel.
MBKI welcomes the friends of Prepared Medical Response. Sponsor an IFAK for civilian first responders along Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip. The cost is $50/IFAK. Click the button below.