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Programs:  We provide an annual basket of services to schools, kindergartens and families that addresses the practical and educational needs of children living in poverty.  We invite you to participate!
Hot Lunch Program:
The schools we work with in Jerusalem do not have cafeterias; therefore, they cater hot lunches into the school 3-4 days per week, depending on the school (at the expense of the students).
Those students who cannot afford these lunches must bring something from home; however, often times there is no food at home to bring.  Through our Hot Lunch Program, we subsidize thousands of hot, nutritious lunches for every child who is in need.

Family Sponsorship Program:
We are offering you the opportunity to adopt a family in our target neighborhood.  This involves a monthly fee that guarantees the child/children in that family access to all of our programs, plus grocery and clothing vouchers twice per year.  For more information,

To sign up:
email me
Summer and Holiday Camps:
MBKI collaborates with our local community center to offer summer and holiday camps to every child in our target neighborhood.  Instead of roaming the streets or sitting in front of the TV all day (while parents are at work), campers participate in supervised educational and recreational activities.

(Thank G-d it's Shabbat)
Shabbat is the most important day of the Jewish week.  It is looked forward to with great anticipation all during the week, and when it passes, its departure carries with it a fleeting moment of sadness.

Preparations for Shabbat often start days in advance, and on Friday it seems as if everyone is carrying a bouquet of flowers, a loaf of challah and an armload of fresh groceries.

However this is not the case for many of our families who live hand to mouth.  For them, Shabbat is a time when they, as parents, are painfully aware that their cupboards are empty and they can't afford to provide even the simplest of Shabbat meals.

We have designed T.G.I.S to bring joy back into the most important day of the Jewish week.
Our vision is to provide a basic meat-based meal for a needy family of four at least once a month.  You and your family are invited to sponsor a Shabbat meal for $40.

Kindergarten Adoption Program:
In partnership with the Jerusalem Municipality's Ministry of Education, MBKI conducts a needs assessment every year with the principals and kindergarten managers we partner with.  Through this needs assessment, MBKI establishes fundraising goals in order to:
+ subsidize educational enrichment classes
+ fund educational field trips
+ purchase equipment, supplies, educational toys         and books.

For more information,

email me