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“Path of the Fallen” Memorial Building Project

On April 18, 2018 (3 Iyar, 5778), Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terror, the residents of the Gush Etzion city of Efrat will bow their heads together with all of Am Yisrael in remembering the fallen. Since the city’s founding 35 years ago, Efrat has lost 17 of its sons and daughters in battle or from terrorism. A year ago, a committee, headed by families of the fallen, decided to establish a central commemorative initiative – Path of the Fallen – modeled after similar initiatives in other communities throughout Israel. On this memorial promenade, the city will hold official ceremonies, and throughout the year, students and visitors will have the chance to learn about the fallen and their heroism through interactive media and innovative curriculum offered to the various youth movements and schools in the city and surrounding region. Most importantly, memory will be etched in stone and expressed in the beautification of a special city green space.

My Brother’s Keeper International is partnering with the City of Efrat, The Efrat Foundation and Israel’s Ministry of Defense. We have chosen one of the 17 Efrat residents’ stories to focus on. And we invite you to invest in a beautification and memorial building project that will be a blessing for the 2000 families that live in Efrat.

Avraham David Moses hy”d, a 16 year old, was murdered in a terrorist attack at a yeshiva (religious high school for boys) library in Jerusalem on the night of March 6, 2008.

Dov ben Zion, President and co-founder of My Brother’s Keeper International recounts where he was the night Avraham David Moses hy”d and seven other Torah students were murdered in the Mercaz HaRav Massacre in Jerusalem.

“The night of the massacre I was preparing to return to our base in Jabel Mukaber with my Border Police company when an APB came across our jeep’s radio informing all Jerusalem forces a terror attack was in progress near the entrance to the city.

I was the driver for our command jeep that tragic evening. My commander ordered me to turn around and race toward the scene of the crime. It seemed like every 30 seconds dispatch would update all units. We were ordered to return to our sector, set up a check point and inspect every vehicle returning to a Hamas affiliated village in our area of operation and search for collaborators. As the driver, I was responsible for monitoring the radio net and providing security for our deployed team. The news kept getting worse, and each of us in the jeep tried to manage our adrenaline dump and growing fears.

As midnight approached and our team was relieved, we all returned to our base overlooking the village where the terrorist planned the brutal attack and went straight into our small caravan synagogue to pray or just sit in silence. We heard the final numbers and were heartbroken.” 

MBKI staff have met with Avraham’s parents who live in Efrat and the neighboring village of Tekoa. The strength of both surviving parents Rivkah and Naftali were incredible and inspiring.

Of her dearly departed son, Avraham’s mother, Rivkah, wrote: “…There are things I learned only by watching you…Please be an advocate for good in order to bring us closer to God at times like these, because your whole life up to and including your death, were and are a sanctification of God’s name. Thank you for being my son. I love you.”

Avraham’s father, Naftali, wrote: “…So many pictures of his face are etched in my memory…to remember him is to love him anew and to lose him again. The memories do not tell the whole story, but they contain an unexplainable sweetness. We will not see his face again in this world, but we will remember him every day.”

The memorial promenade sits upon a picturesque forested ridge adjacent to the city’s youth center with a commanding and breathtaking view of the surrounding area.

A stone monument at the entrance to the promenade will be inscribed with the words: Path of the Fallen will greet families and visitors. Along the promenade there will be 17 interactive stations, one for each of the fallen, with their photograph, a verse from the Bible chosen by their family, the story of their lives and scanning device to connect to a more in-depth biography on the internet.

At the end of the promenade an observatory with a map of the area will provide families and visitors a space to sit and reflect and examine the surrounding area.

Across from the observatory there will be an Everlasting Light or Nir Tamid that will illuminate the area at the end of the promenade during official ceremonies surrounded by the flags of Israel and Efrat.

PROJECT LEADERS: Shmil Atlas, Executive Director of Keren Efrat and Yehuda Schweiger, CEO Efrat Municipality
PROJECT MEMBERS: Steering committee of family members, Keren Efrat, Efrat Municipality, Israel Ministry of Defense, My Brother’s Keeper International and Israel National Insurance

Hot Lunch Program

Since 2005 MBKI has been providing kosher, meat-based hot lunches every school year in Israel. Tens of thousands of lunches have been delivered. People are surprised to discover that most elementary schools and kindergartens in Israel do not have cafeterias. Children bring their lunches to school. However, children from single parent homes often come to school empty-handed and hungry. Children who are hungry cannot learn. For us, this is an issue of justice and compassion.

At the beginning of every school year, MBKI field staff and school administrators meet to complete an assessment based on the needs of the children in their schools. MBKI subsidizes the cost of feeding the children hot lunches on a sliding scale ranging from 40% to 100%. The school or kindergarten contracts with a local caterer to prepare and deliver the meals daily.

Kindergarten Adoption

We offer a Kindergarten Adoption Program that empowers educators to care for and teach their children while being fully resourced.


Israeli kindergartens operate separately from local municipal elementary schools. The kindergartens MBKI partners with are in low income neighborhoods or rural villages. The majority of the children come from single parent homes. As a result of their socioeconomic situation, our kindergartens are underfunded and are unable to access resources.


Our Kindergarten Adoption Program pairs inner-city and rural kindergartens with donors in the US and Europe. Each school year MBKI’s staff conducts needs assessments with our partner kindergarten educators to identify their program goals, access to educational resources and determine financial needs.

MBKI provides supplemental budgets to our partner kindergartens that cover the costs of subsidized lunches, educational equipment, books, supplies, toys, field trips, enrichment classes and infrastructure improvement.


Donors are paired with partner kindergartens throughout the course of an academic school year. Your $4,000 donation is divided into quarterly payments and distributed to the educators based on the action plan designed by MBKI field staff. Donors have the ability to communicate with their adopted kindergarten and arrange a visit during the school year.

MBKI field staff designs a uniquely tailored action plan for every kindergarten, oversees the distribution of the donation, conducts fiscal compliance inspections, provides logistical support and acts as the liaison with the donor in all forms of communication.

Now is the time to invest our best efforts in the lives of the children. Now-when they are starting to bloom.

Karen Arosti ~ Principal Zalman Aran Elementary School, Jerusalem

First Responders Assistance

In times of war and national crisis in Israel, MBKI has been called upon to lend a strong hand. First Responders Assistance is a program designed to mobilize MBKI’s supporters to provide critical life saving equipment to the civilian organizations and first responders in the communities throughout Israel that we operate our educational programs.

MBKI partnered with The City of Sderot, the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council, One Israel Fund, Hatzalah Yehuda and Shomron and local first responder teams. MBKI Volunteers and donors in the US have supported our collaborative projects during Operation Cast Lead (2008-2009), Operation Protective Edge (2014) and the current wave of terrorism (2015- ).

Urban Family Emergency Fund

The most vulnerable members of Israeli society are the single mothers and their children. MBKI operates a fund that provides emergency food and clothing vouchers for these moms. This fund is administered in partnership with one of Jerusalem’s largest inner-city elementary school.

When a single mom reaches the end of her rope and resources she has a place to turn.
Dov ben Zion President MBKI

Completed Programs


A long time friend and supporter of MBKI, Jay Power is competing in the Title Boxing Club of Cool Springs, TN’s Boxing Marathon.

Saturday April 28th, Jay will complete 26 rounds of heavy bag work and other cardio and core exercises with goal of raising $100/round to support special needs kindergartens in Israel.

Support Jay and the hundreds of special needs children who will benefit from his competition by clicking on the donate button below.

Good luck Jay!

About Us

My Brother’s Keeper International’s mission is to restore hope and create educational solutions for children and families living in poverty and conflict zones in Israel. MBKI has been on the cutting edge of community and school-based program development and delivery since 2005.

Our basket of services are tailor-made to remove obstacles to learning that are unique to children, families and educators that struggle from the effects of urban poverty, geographical isolation and armed conflict.

The source of our success is the collaborative partnerships we have established with Israeli educators, municipal and county authorities and community and business leaders. Together with our US and European donors we are able to empower, resource and care for the most vulnerable of Israeli society, the children.

My Brother’s Keeper International is a registered 501(c)3 not for profit corporation in the United States. All donations are tax-exempt.

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